Achieve Profitability By Developing A Sniper Mindset

The Sniper trader system enhances trader performance through process & accountability.

This is a coaching program which will teach you the system and provide you with the tools for high-level 1-1 accountability you need to become a high-performance sniper trader. The only way to build a sustainable, profitable trader business is to master your mind through process and accountability.

The 6 Step Sniper Trader System

Step 1 (Week 1) - Reprogram

Reprogram negative C-Game behavioural patterns into positive A-Game behaviours.

  • Quantify the data with your personal Reprogram Trader Matrix (RTM)

  • Extract the insights to create an entire system for your trading business.

  • Achieve mental breakthroughs and eliminate negative habitual behaviours.

Step 2 (Week 2-3) - Systemise

Applying the insights into a full process from trade idea to trade execution

  • Pre-session, trade management and post-session standard operating procedures.

  • Morning and evening routine and habits.

  • Personalised Sniper Matrix

Step 3 (Week 3-4) - Optimise

Optimise the full system into your life and begin executing the ultimate trader routine.

  • Create a solid flow chart trading plan for precision trading.

  • Practise the habits and routines.

  • Receive high-level coaching and support from your Sniper Coach

Step 4-6 (12 weeks) - Implement > Accountability > Thrive

Full trading implementation of process and strategy alongside your Sniper Coach.

  • Live trading begins using the Sniper Matrix tool and full support from a Sniper Coach.

  • Daily/Weekly Scorecards gamify the process.

  • Regular performance reviews to keep you accountable.

  • Business plan for Prop and Institutional trading.

The Sniper Trader Arsenal For Success

99% of traders do not journal or utilise a tracking system to measure their input. That is why so many of them fail.

A Sniper Trader should be fully equipped with the right tools that guide, instruct, track and measure their performance.

The following tools and features of the program are designed to help you achieve sustained profitability:

  • 10x 1-1 sessions are designed to guide you through each step and give the accountability you need to be focused and disciplined.

  • You will be assigned an expert Sniper Coach to help you at every step.

  • Sniper Matrix all in one tool which includes a trade journal, habit tracker, daily/weekly scorecard, backtest journal, playbook, reprogram trader matrix, vision, education tracker, multiple account manager.

  • Sniper Community with multiple ranks and challenges so you can earn monthly prizes.

  • Weekly Sniper mastermind calls covering journaling, risk management, backtesting, psychology theory, habits & routines, Sniper Spotlight, where traders data and performance is reviewed, special guest speakers.

  • Hedge Fund Trader Accelerated to help you become an investable trader with a strong track record. As an institutional trader, you can benefit from salaries, remote working and managing 7-8 figures USD of Live capital.

Sniper Case Studies

If these sniper traders can achieve profitability by...

  • Developing standard operating procedures for their pre-session, trade management and post session process.

  • Developing a solid trading plan backed by data.

  • Building a routine and habits that are tracked.

  • Journaling each trade properly.

  • Attending weekly group calls.

  • Being held accountable by the Sniper Coaches.

  • Getting funded and receiving 4-5 figure payouts.


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